We are grounded in expertise, but our main focus is always our client's goals and best interests.

Robson Capital Partners Corp. team is made up of seasoned dealer representatives who will be your ethical guides to the capital markets; whose main responsibility is to ensure that you are invested in products that are suited to you and your investment objectives.

Our Representatives

Strong leadership is the cornerstone of any great venture. Our dealer representatives have years of collective experience in the space that matters most. We're dedicated to building your wealth so you can hit your goals.

Ted Snider

Private Market Equity Specialist registered with the BC Securities, Ontario & Alberta Securities Commissions, and Robson Capital.

Sulaiman Huda


Derek Wood

Derek Wood has been involved in the Canadian Securities Industry Since 1992. 

Our strengths become your strengths

Robson puts it's expertise to work building your wealth. Below are a few of our company's strengths.

Exempt market dealer certification

You can trust that your wealth is appropriately managed by securities professionals who adhere to a high standard of compliance and client service regulatory guidelines.

Structured to deliver opportunities

Our structure enables us to offer the broadest range of products and advisory services, furthering our ability to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients. We follow a very stringent policy of thorough due diligence and exploration prior to formal engagement.

Built-in investor communications

Robson  has cultivated a world class investor relations department so that all communications are effectively handled. That way, our executives can focus on what matters to you.

Plant the seeds for a wealthy future

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