Back office services

Let us increase your organizational capacity by managing KYC, suitability, and papering, while you focus your energies on sales and business development.

With increasing regulatory scrutiny on the legitimate capital raising activities of MIC's/funds/junior issuers/etc, the need for an arms length organization to ensure client suitability has never been more important.

Robson can manage the KYC, suitability, and trustee relationship for your clients, allowing your organization to spend its time and focus on sales and BD.

Back office services

  • KYC and AML management
  • Client suitability
  • Due diligence & research
  • Client onboarding
  • Quarterly statements (CRM2 compliant)
  • Business expansion

Client KYC and suitability

Any investment has a degree of risk associated with it. At Robson Capital, we believe that risk can be mitigated by working with your clients to ensure that they fully understand the products that they are investing in; outlining both the risks and the rewards before deploying their capital. This arms length relationship adds a layer of oversight that will ensure both yours and your clients best interests are protected.

As an added control, all our transactions at Robson Capital are subject to an external compliance monitor who periodically ensure we have  have acted in good faith when on-boarding your clients. This whole process is transparent available for review to you.

Product due diligence

All investments, exempt products included, have an associated level of risk which the investor should be aware of. An integral part in managing your back office is understanding the product, and being able to match the right investor to it. At Robson Capital, we believe in offering products that make sense for the investor, which starts with conducting an exhaustive due diligence.

  • The financial review
    We start by challenging the underlying assumptions of your business model, then test its long term viability by baselining against our proprietary modelling process
  • The product review
    This step revolves around analyzing the management teams ability to execute on the business plan by scrutinizing progress made vs the long term strategic plan; rating the investment structure; and conducting market comparisons against success and failures of similar business in the space
  • The legal review
    Conducting background checks on the people and entities involved in the business

Quarterly statements

A solution for issuers that seamlessly produces CRM2 statements which closes the loop for an affordable client compliance program.

Key reporting features:

  • Beautiful client statements
  • CRM2 compliant
  • Distributions and transaction tracking
  • Client portal

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