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Intelife  is  focused  on  providing  investors  with  cash  flow  and  growth  potential  through tax  efficient  monthly  distributions  paired  with  long-term  profit  participation  potential.

10% Preferred Return*
15% Profit Participation**

This  is  an  investment  primarily  focused  on  acquiring  long  term, cash  flowing  security  and smart  home  automation  contracts  with  the  aim  of  generating  return through  Recurring Monthly  Revenue  (or RMR).  The  goal  of  the  investment  is  to  provide  investors consistent  tax  efficient  monthly  distributions  with  long-term  growth  potential.

  • Monthly Distributions - Monthly cash distributions directly to your account.
  • Profit Participation - Grow with the company and industry through profit participation.
  • Tax Efficiency - Registered account eligibility. Invest through your RRSP, TFSA or LIRA.
  • Investor Relations - Dedicated Investor Relations to ensure you are up to date on company initiatives.

Investment Mandate – Intelife Income Trust

  • ‍Acquire long-term Recurring Monthly Revenue contracts at a discount. Create diversification within the portfolio by onboarding thousands of new contracts (residential & commercial) per year
  • Provide loans to Intelife Security or Authorized Dealers in accordance with the Account Pre-Purchase Loan (APPL) Program
  • Make strategic loans, investments in or acquisitions of businesses and technologies that are reasonably expected to further the business objectives of the Intelife Partnership
  • Provide investors with monthly tax advantaged distributions and long-term growth potential

Company Overview - Intelife LP

The Intelife Partnership was formed to carry on business in the security and smart home automation industry in Canada. The security and smart home automation market is comprised of the sale of networked devices and related services that provide security monitoring and regulation of various functions in households. Intelife Partnership has entered into an exclusive agreement with Intelife Security pursuant to which the partnership will acquire residential customer accounts and commercial business accounts from Intelife Security on a discounted basis. The customer accounts then in-turn generate predictable RMR.

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